Phen24 FAQ

How do I know if my Phen24 order has already been shipped?

Tracking the status of your order is relatively straightforward—all you have to do is check for the details. However, here’s an insider’s tip: normally, orders are sent out for dispatch by 11am each business day. Of course, if your order does not make this cut off (for instance, you placed your order at 2pm), your order will then be shipped the next business day.

You can also track your order via the support section of the Phen24 website. From there, you can log into your account and then view the details of your order, the status of which should be updated there as well.

When can I expect my Phen24 order to arrive?

Orders normally show up on your doorstep in the USA within 5 shipping days. With international orders, the timeframe varies depending on your location and your country’s customs policies and clearance timeframe.

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What are the different guarantees I am entitled to?

In terms of the product, you are entitled to a full refund of your payment should the product not work for you in the way that we have promised. The full details of this can be found in the product guarantee section of this website.

In terms of low price guarantee, we can promise you now that you will not find a lower-priced version of Phen24 anywhere else but from, as they are the exclusive distributor of these products.

In terms of credit card security, we can assure you that our payment systems are safe and secure, making use of SSL encryption to guarantee the highest level of protection and security for users and customers. Our system is also PCI compliant, which is one of the most secure credit card policies today. It is for this reason that we are unable to accommodate phone orders—to ensure that no other third person will have access to your card details.

Am I required to pay sales tax when I purchase the product online?

Ideally, you will not be required to pay this. To help secure this guarantee, we actually adjust the shipping warehouse that we employ to prevent you from having to pay any of these additional charges. This also benefits us as we are then able to keep our prices low—which then allows more users the chance to experience the amazing weight loss benefits of Phen24.

Why are there various charges on my credit card for a singular purchase?

There is a reason for this. Since credit card charges often reflect as soon as they are billed, several charges may be made for your account. These may happen when confirmation from your bank that you have enough money in your account to pay for your order is requested, when there are various security confirmations made to your account, and when you are actually billed for the product. The main thing to remember is that these aren’t all financial charges—most of these are just authorization protocols that need to be done in order to make the entire process secure and authentic. This is to enhance protection for every customer ordering from the website.