My Calorie Intake To Lose Weight

Many people turn to the latest fad diet to lose weight. There’s a wedding coming up, or the summer holidays are just around the corner, so they want to look good. They want to lose a stone in a week and keep it off.

Does this sound familiar? The internet is full of hype, especially when it comes to dieting and weight loss. You see these adverts promising outrageous results, but the truth is they just don’t work.

People waste time and money (and threaten their health) moving from one fad diet to the next. Until, in despair, they give up dieting. Well there is a way to lose weight and keep it off. It isn’t a magic diet, there’s no miracle weight loss cure. It just takes a little bit of knowledge and some effort on your part.

So what do you have to do?

Count calories! The old fashioned way. It really is the only way to take control of your own destiny, and lose your excess weight and keep it off. And it’s the only way to diet whilst enjoying the foods that you like.

Yeah, counting calories isn’t a sexy diet. But what do you want, a sexy diet with loads of hype that doesn’t work? Or a diet that does work? I know what I went for.

So what is my calorie intake to lose weight now that I am going to count calories?

Now that you’ve ditched the fad diets, you need to understand about your body’s energy needs.

The average women requires a total of 2000 calories per day to sustain all bodily functions and physical activity. For a man it is much higher at around 2500 calories per day.

If you were to eat more than this, day after day, then you will gradually gain weight. You’ll become fatter. The rate at which you become fatter depends on how many calories over these amounts you regularly eat. All those excess calories that you don’t burn off will be converted to and stored as fat.

But, if you were to eat less than these average daily requirements, that is burn more calories than you taken in from your food, then over time you will gradually lose weight. This is because, to supplement the energy you would take from your food, you body will start eating into your fat stores to make up your daily 2000 calorie energy requirement (or 2500 calories if you are male). This is known as calorie deficit.

And this last point is the key to your weight loss. If you don’t follow this, if you aren’t in calorie deficit, then you won’t lose weight.

Let me put this another, more succinct way.

If you burn off more calories than you consume, then you will lose weight

Without WAM (that is Willpower and Motivation) then sticking to your diet will be almost impossible. So do yourself a favour. Copy the statement on a piece of paper in big, bold letters and pin it somewhere that you will see it often. Pin it to your fridge, or beside your computer. The more you see it the better, as it will remind you that need to be in calorie deficit to lose weight.

Calorie deficit and my calorie intake to lose weight

In 1 pound of human fat, in every pound of fat under your skin, there is 3500 calories of energy. You should remember this, as it is extremely useful for your weight loss efforts.

This means that when you are 3500 calories in deficit you will have lost 1 pound of fat. When you jump on the scales, it’ll show you as 1 pound lighter.

So if you average this out over a week, a daily calorie deficit of only 500 calories will lead to a weight loss of 1 pound per week. All you have to do is remain in calorie deficit until you reach your ideal weight.

You should note, however, that a daily calorie deficit of 500 calories should be about the maximum deficit. Any more than this and you could suffer from burnout, or at the very least you would start to feel lethargic. If this happens then all the motivation in the world won’t stop you from scoffing your face and gorging yourself.

But limiting yourself to a daily calorie deficit of 500 calories does not mean you are limited to only 1 pound of weight loss per week. There are other ways to achieve calorie deficit.

Add Exercise and NEAT to your lifestyle and increase your calorie deficit

The obvious way to burn more calories is to add some exercise to your lifestyle. The more you do, the more calories you burn.

Even moderate exercise can increase your calorie deficit by a large amount. An hour’s brisk walk can burn around 400 calories. If you were to do this a few times a week, you can see how your calorie deficit, over the weeks and months ahead, can really build up to a substantial amount of weight loss. But you don’t even have to include exercise in you plan to increase your calorie deficit and weight loss. NEAT, or non-exercise activity thermogenesis, is really becoming more and more popular and making a lot of publicity in recent years.

It basically tells you to get off your butt to burn calories. Just do the simple things like stand up and pace the room whilst you are on the phone. (If you think about it, you might spend up to several hours per week on the phone, which could be turned in to calorie deficit.)

Or take the stairs at work or the shopping mall rather than the elevator. Or jump off the bus one stop earlier. Do more gardening and housework. Just get up out of that chair!

Inpatient Weight Loss Programs

There are a diverse range of inpatient weight loss programs. They, by nature, involve that you stay in a hospital or facility. These are specially dedicated to helping obese patients get their eating habits under control.

These programs rely on direct supervision by qualified staff members.

These programs are very dynamic. They usually involve special equipment to monitor vital signs and weight loss. They also typically include physical therapy, exercise, and psychotherapy to ensure the participant is happy and healthy.

In patient weight loss programs are very through. They actually start monitoring and studying the patient prior to there stay at the hospital. Specialist will watch the patients in house diet and exercise routine. Also once the patient has returned home they are continued to be monitored to ensure they keep the weight off.

Another plus to these programs is that weight loss researchers will preform lots of tests to help you lose weight. Everything from BMIs to blood analysis.

These programs usually last for several weeks, and can go on to be several months.

Whether or not you can participate in one of these programs greatly depends on the nature of the study being conducted. You may have to be a specific age, weight, or gender. You also have to make the commitment to volunteer your time for the duration of the study.

One misconception about these programs is that they are only for the truly obese. The truth is that studies are also done for people who just need to shed a few pounds.

The best way to find an inpatient program that will work for you is to contact a local hospital or the health department. You can also try after you sign up as a member they will send you notifications of weight loss trial programs in your area.

Having A Busy Life And Losing Weight At The Same Time?

Rapid Weight Loss

With hectic lifestyles, unhealthy food, and constant stress wearing on us, rapid weight loss is a goal for many people who want to have a healthier body. Do you find yourself wondering how you can possibly lose weight quickly when so many things seem to sabotage your diet or exercise efforts? It’s not always easy to know the right steps to take toward better health. We are here to give you some of the best tips for quick fat loss and getting in shape.

Changing Your Diet for Rapid Weight Loss

One of the first things you need to do for rapid weight loss is to consider changing your diet dramatically. Whatever you have currently been eating obviously isn’t working for you, right? So it’s time to do something new! A good place to start is looking at your refined sugar intake and processed food consumption. These are two types of foods that are most important to cut out when you are looking to lose significant weight. Refined sugar can spike your energy and deplete it quickly, leaving you feeling less satisfied and even fatigued for some time after eating. This can be found in products like cookies, ice cream, soda, and any other sweet snack. It’s okay to treat yourself to this every so often, but don’t get in the habit of overindulging.

The processed food in your cabinets tends to get in your way of rapid weight loss, also. It’s better to focus on whole foods rather than processed, because the nutrients from them are better digested. They also tend to have more fiber, which gives you the feeling of being full for longer. Feeling satisfied is a good way to curb cravings for snack foods in between meals. Snacks are good to enjoy, but be sure to reach for healthier options like fruit, nuts, or seeds rather than chips, chocolate, and cheetos. Weight loss is easier when you focus on lean protein foods and high-fiber foods. Egg whites and chicken breast meat are good options to get in your protein.

Exercising for Rapid Weight Loss

A good routine for exercise is the next crucial step to rapid weight loss. Despite popular belief, constant cardio workouts on the treadmill are not the answer! You can actually slow your metabolism if you do too much cardiovascular activity with a steady heartrate. This same effect happens when you do the same types of exercises over and over again. The muscles become adapted, which means they aren’t challenged enough to keep building and burning fat.

A better option is doing shorter, high-intensity workouts and weight training on alternating days. You can do intense activities like sprinting, jumping, or climbing to work full muscle groups and burn fat. Weight training will help you build lean muscle and burn fat by increasing your metabolism. It will also burn the fat much faster than you would if you did simple, easy cardio that you become adapted to. Remember to consult with your physician for recommendations on your workout routine.

Supplements for Rapid Weight Loss

One of the final ways to rapid weight loss is to consider taking a diet supplement with effective ingredients. You have a few options when it comes to these, but some of the most popular types are either fat burners, carbohydrate blockers, metabolism boosters, or some combination of all qualities. All-natural supplements are available, as well as synthetic chemicals. You have to decide which one is the best choice for you. Just be sure to check that they are clinically tested and proved to be safe. The last thing you want is a product that was manufactured overseas without adhering to national regulations in your country. FDA-approved supplements are the safest, so seek them out if at all possible.

Some supplements may be highly effective, but they may also give you serious side effects. Try to find something that doesn’t rely on the effects of caffeine or other stimulants. These can help with the weight loss efforts, but you may end up seeing negative effects in other areas of your life due to all the extra caffeine or stimulant ingredients. Consult your doctor before starting a supplement or any other program for rapid weight loss.

Firm and Flatten Your Abs Review

Several abdominal exercises and equipments flood the internet and the fitness market that it has become such a lucrative industry.

However, most of these programs do not offer legitimate means toward achieving that much desired midsection and most deliver only false hopes.

David Grisaffis Firm and Flatten Your Abs program aims to deviate and break away from the conventional fat loss and ab firming methods practiced by others.

This eBook is quite comprehensive and offers massive amount of information about unconventional ab firming techniques.

All his claims are supported by scientific information while keeping the safety of its users in mind.

What makes the Firm and Flatten Your Abs program unique is it does not require users to undergo difficult sit-ups or crunches, and there is no need to use any specialized equipment.

If you decide to undertake this program, you will start off with a fitness evaluation where the intensity of your workout is based on.

There are up to 50 pages of abdominal and core exercises that you can easily perform.

While firming up your midsection, the program will also teach you how protect your neck and lower back from any kind of pain.


1. David Grissafis has credentials in various fields including sports science, health, and lifestyle. These and his work as a personal trainer help further his credibility as creator of this program.

2. The eBook starts off by debunking common health and exercise myths. One major focus is educating users about the proper way to achieve their desired midsection.

3. There is an evaluation at the start of the program which is used to determine the level of workout intensity for you to use. This ensures that you will never be pushed to the limits while undergoing this program.

4. Aside from working out your ab muscles, the program helps prevent the occurrence of lower back and neck pains – a common problem encountered during most exercise routines intended to develop the abs.

5. On top of the training program, this book also comes with a nutrition guideline that provides a good complement to your training efforts.

6. This program is suitable for any fitness levels – from the beginner, to athletes, advanced fitness enthusiasts, or overweight people who want to get started in keeping shape.

7. There is no need to use expensive exercise equipments.


1. The eBook contains 180 pages, which means there will be a lot of reading involved.

This amount of information can be a bit too overwhelming especially for fitness beginners.

2. The program focuses on working out the abs as well as provides nutritional guidelines. However, the program lacks cardio elements in the routines – an essential part of the equation when it comes to losing belly fat.


The Firm and Flatten Your Abs program provides core exercises that address back pains due to wrong exercise methods.

But what really makes this program a hit is the fact that people of all fitness levels can use it for themselves.

There might be some other more complete ab firming programs out there, but this is one program that beginners can use as a launching pad for their fitness endeavors.

How Can I Lose A Stone

Losing a stone of fat needn’t be difficult. Yet so many people turn to fad diets, believing the hype of miracle or magic weight loss.

The fact is, these fad diets don’t work. The only way to lose weight, as in lose the fat, is to make sure you are in calorie deficit.

But what is calorie deficit?

How can I lose a stone through Calorie deficit?

The average daily calorie intake for women is 2000 calories, and for men it is around 2500 calories per day. These are the calories needed to maintain weight.

If we eat more than this average calorie intake per day, consistently, then we are going to gain weight. We will become steadily fatter.

This is because all those excess calories, instead of being burnt off to fuel our physical needs, will be converted into fat and then stored under our skin and around our organs.


However, if we were to eat less than these average calories a day we will lose weight. This is because, to make up the difference between the calories you consume and the calories you body needs to fuel itself, it will start to burn in to your fat stores. This is called calorie deficit.

Yes, this is so obvious, but why do so many of us turn to silly fad diets then?

All you have to do is burn more calories than you eat and you will lose weight. Just make sure that you are consistently in daily calorie deficit, and the weight will begin to drop off.

But reducing calorie intake to lose weight is not the only way to increase calorie deficit.

How can I lose a stone by increasing my calorie deficit?

Making sure your average calories a day is below your average daily requirement is only one way of ensuring calorie deficit.

The other way is to increase your physical activity. I don’t mean you have to go out and perform some really strenuous, vigorous exercise. Just easy to moderate exercise will burn off a lot of extra calories, increasing your calorie deficit and weight loss.

An hour of brisk walking can burn up to 400 calories. It is actually about 100 calories per mile of walking. If you were to add this to your lifestyle, walking for an hour 3 or 4 times per week, you can see how your daily calorie deficit can really mount up.

If you really want to accelerate you weight loss, then more strenuous exercise will boost your calorie deficit. See how to burn 1000 calories every training session, and watch that fat melt away.

Devising Your Wedding Diet Plan

Most people about to get married intend to lose weight for their wedding through a wedding diet. Usually they want to lose this weight fast on their wedding diet plan.  Some even resort to skipping meals and starving themselves. It is advisable to note that skipping meals and starving does not work.  Starvation in most cases causes weight gain. It’s also important for a bride planning her wedding to feel her best and have a lot of energy for the wedding day or during the wedding planning process. Brides and grooms to be should come up with a wedding diet that will help them be fit during their wedding.  Eating a balanced diet of healthy food choices is important to ensure that a person retains their wellbeing.  A wedding diet is intended to help a bride and groom lose weight for their wedding in a smart way.

Ways to Boost your Wedding Diet Plan

Some of the simple ways that you can lose weight for a wedding day diet besides eating healthily includes exercise. If you exercise already, you only need to add intensity to your current training sessions by adding more effort; for instance, an extra training day. However, you should be careful when adding intensity since too much can cause an overload injury that may cause harm. It is important to listen to your body and back off if pain, fatigue or excessive soreness are experienced.

Another way to lose weight on a wedding diet is by cutting out on empty calories. This method involves simply cutting down on sodas, flavored juices, coffee, alcohol or other beverages that have a number of calories. While trying to lose weight on a wedding diet, one should try and keep a food weight loss journal as well to help monitor progress.

Drinking water is another way to help lose weight while on a wedding diet. A lack of water causes dehydration which can actually cause the body to retain water. Drinking water helps avoid bloating and eating too much since most people tend to mistake thirst for hunger, and end up eating more calories than required.

Reduction in salt intake is considered another way to help lose weight on a wedding diet. Too much salt causes water retention in the body which packs up on extra pounds. Also try to eat balanced meals. When striving for wedding weight loss, many people are tempted to skip meals or just eat very little during the day. This is unadvisable. To lose weight for a wedding, one should have regular, balanced meals that are satisfying. These are just but a few ways to help brides and grooms look their best on their very important day.

Fat Loss Bible Review

The Fat Loss Bible was written Anthony Colpo, a certified personal fitness trainer residing in Melbourne, Australia and has been consistent in helping individuals get rid of extra fat since 1991.

He wanted people to realize that there are so many programs promising the same results of permanent weight loss immediately and effortlessly.

Colpo reveals the true secrets to weight loss, backed by scientific data so that you get rid of this excess weight for life.

The author reports that majority of Americans who lost weight gained everything back, and sometimes even more, in just a period of 5 years.

Within this period, people who started out losing 14 kilograms will eventually end up losing only a total of 3 – since they do a lot of things wrong.


1. The Fat Loss Bible lays out in detail all the steps needed for you to lose weight effectively and permanently.

The steps are very easy to understand and perform allowing you to expect results within the time range given and in the right increments.

2. You will find that your body works well with the provided diet, because the book entails that you should consume only the exact amount of carbohydrates, fats and proteins on a daily basis.

You get to calculate the proper calorie intake per day instead of following universal plans.

3. The Fat Loss Bible provides you with alternatives on how to get over plateaus in your weight loss program – an experience that almost all dieters encounter.

You will continue to lose weight without having to deal with hunger pangs and cravings.

4. The methods and techniques provided will help you lose weight, while at the same time help you maintain a lean and athletic form – unlike other programs where you end up looking unhealthily skinny.

5. You will also be shown the right kinds of exercises that will boost fat loss and build lean muscle. You will realize that you do not need to spend hours doing cardio just to attain the best results.6. The program incorporates a more realistic approach to fat loss. You should expect several weeks before big changes occur, since the book does not promise immediate and drastic changes.


1. The Fat Loss Bible advocates a long term approach to weight loss. It may not be the best tool for individuals who decide to lose weight for the first time or want to lose weight at the fastest possible time.

2. The book needs to add motivational techniques for mental and emotional stress so that individuals can better follow the program and stay consistent in their exercise and diet plans.

3. The Fat Loss Bible is not available in all areas. Remote places without internet access may not be able to get a copy or will have to pay significantly higher amounts.

4. Some types of food indicated in the book may not be suitable for all individuals, considering their current health status, preferences and lifestyle.


The Fat Loss Bible is a good choice for individuals who want to get in shape and stay healthy for life. It offers a no-frills approach to effective weight loss.

All techniques and methods are backed by medical facts so you work with your body and get rid of guesswork and ineffective universal plans.

3 Apples A Day Diet Review


You often hear doctors talk about the importance of eating fruits in weight loss and in our overall health. If you are looking for a diet predominantly on this topic, you may want to check out the 3 Apple a Day Diet. This is authored by Tammi Flynn, a dietician who carried out a test among clients at a gym where she serves as a nutrition director. In her test, she found out that the gym goers who practiced the 3 Apple a Day Diet lost as much as 17 pounds in just a few days.

Their routine involved eating three regular meals a day and spent a few hours each week working out in the gym. This gave her the idea to write a book about eating three apples each day in order to reduce weight. She says that this practice, when coupled with regular exercise, promotes a very active metabolism because apples contain high amounts of fiber which is needed in removing wastes and fats in the body. On top of this advice, this book also contains 100 different meals that you can easily prepare at home. These meals are said to boost our metabolism and give you the nutrients you need. This book will also give you an insight into why a person becomes overweight and how to overcome it.

At its very core, this diet is all about eating 3 apples a day, one before every meal. There is also a theory that apples can help you avoid the craving to eat more sugar since it contains healthy sugar itself. Because of its fiber content, apples are also said to create a feeling of fullness, something that will help you tremendously in avoiding the urge to overeat. Although eating apples can considerably help you in your pursuit of weight loss, this does not mean you should not keep your regular meals into moderation. Eating apples can only do so much. Without control, you will still not lose weight in the long run. It is very important that you keep check of your portion sizes to make sure you are getting enough nutrients needed without getting overboard.


1. There is no doubt that apples are healthy and rich in fiber.

2. It does not promote starvation. Instead, it encourages its readers to eat normally, albeit with a smaller meal portion.

3. There are no medications or drugs involved in this program.

4. Promotes exercise as one of the prime movers of weight loss.


1. This may not appeal to people who dont like eating apples.

2. Even people who love apples may eventually get tired of eating them on a daily basis.

3. This sets unrealistic expectations because without proper control, eating apples may not necessarily lead to weight loss.


While this diet may be healthy because it promotes eating apples, make sure you can handle the habit of eating three apples every day. Don’t forget that exercise is a large part of this program, so you need to hit gym several times a week in order to see results.