Firm and Flatten Your Abs Review

Several abdominal exercises and equipments flood the internet and the fitness market that it has become such a lucrative industry.

However, most of these programs do not offer legitimate means toward achieving that much desired midsection and most deliver only false hopes.

David Grisaffis Firm and Flatten Your Abs program aims to deviate and break away from the conventional fat loss and ab firming methods practiced by others.

This eBook is quite comprehensive and offers massive amount of information about unconventional ab firming techniques.

All his claims are supported by scientific information while keeping the safety of its users in mind.

What makes the Firm and Flatten Your Abs program unique is it does not require users to undergo difficult sit-ups or crunches, and there is no need to use any specialized equipment.

If you decide to undertake this program, you will start off with a fitness evaluation where the intensity of your workout is based on.

There are up to 50 pages of abdominal and core exercises that you can easily perform.

While firming up your midsection, the program will also teach you how protect your neck and lower back from any kind of pain.


1. David Grissafis has credentials in various fields including sports science, health, and lifestyle. These and his work as a personal trainer help further his credibility as creator of this program.

2. The eBook starts off by debunking common health and exercise myths. One major focus is educating users about the proper way to achieve their desired midsection.

3. There is an evaluation at the start of the program which is used to determine the level of workout intensity for you to use. This ensures that you will never be pushed to the limits while undergoing this program.

4. Aside from working out your ab muscles, the program helps prevent the occurrence of lower back and neck pains – a common problem encountered during most exercise routines intended to develop the abs.

5. On top of the training program, this book also comes with a nutrition guideline that provides a good complement to your training efforts.

6. This program is suitable for any fitness levels – from the beginner, to athletes, advanced fitness enthusiasts, or overweight people who want to get started in keeping shape.

7. There is no need to use expensive exercise equipments.


1. The eBook contains 180 pages, which means there will be a lot of reading involved.

This amount of information can be a bit too overwhelming especially for fitness beginners.

2. The program focuses on working out the abs as well as provides nutritional guidelines. However, the program lacks cardio elements in the routines – an essential part of the equation when it comes to losing belly fat.


The Firm and Flatten Your Abs program provides core exercises that address back pains due to wrong exercise methods.

But what really makes this program a hit is the fact that people of all fitness levels can use it for themselves.

There might be some other more complete ab firming programs out there, but this is one program that beginners can use as a launching pad for their fitness endeavors.