3 Apples A Day Diet Review


You often hear doctors talk about the importance of eating fruits in weight loss and in our overall health. If you are looking for a diet predominantly on this topic, you may want to check out the 3 Apple a Day Diet. This is authored by Tammi Flynn, a dietician who carried out a test among clients at a gym where she serves as a nutrition director. In her test, she found out that the gym goers who practiced the 3 Apple a Day Diet lost as much as 17 pounds in just a few days.

Their routine involved eating three regular meals a day and spent a few hours each week working out in the gym. This gave her the idea to write a book about eating three apples each day in order to reduce weight. She says that this practice, when coupled with regular exercise, promotes a very active metabolism because apples contain high amounts of fiber which is needed in removing wastes and fats in the body. On top of this advice, this book also contains 100 different meals that you can easily prepare at home. These meals are said to boost our metabolism and give you the nutrients you need. This book will also give you an insight into why a person becomes overweight and how to overcome it.

At its very core, this diet is all about eating 3 apples a day, one before every meal. There is also a theory that apples can help you avoid the craving to eat more sugar since it contains healthy sugar itself. Because of its fiber content, apples are also said to create a feeling of fullness, something that will help you tremendously in avoiding the urge to overeat. Although eating apples can considerably help you in your pursuit of weight loss, this does not mean you should not keep your regular meals into moderation. Eating apples can only do so much. Without control, you will still not lose weight in the long run. It is very important that you keep check of your portion sizes to make sure you are getting enough nutrients needed without getting overboard.


1. There is no doubt that apples are healthy and rich in fiber.

2. It does not promote starvation. Instead, it encourages its readers to eat normally, albeit with a smaller meal portion.

3. There are no medications or drugs involved in this program.

4. Promotes exercise as one of the prime movers of weight loss.


1. This may not appeal to people who dont like eating apples.

2. Even people who love apples may eventually get tired of eating them on a daily basis.

3. This sets unrealistic expectations because without proper control, eating apples may not necessarily lead to weight loss.


While this diet may be healthy because it promotes eating apples, make sure you can handle the habit of eating three apples every day. Don’t forget that exercise is a large part of this program, so you need to hit gym several times a week in order to see results.